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  • Bill and Nancy

April 2001

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Je vais de mieux et mieux. (I just keep getting better and better). I am recovering well from my knee operation. I now have a skip and jump back in my walk. I almost feel like a pup again.

We have another new car, and the luggage was out, so I knew we were going on a trip, but I never know where. I hopped in the back seat and stretched out, I had the whole seat to myself, but I would have preferred to share it with Lauren again. She is so much fun, and I was sorry to see her go back home.

After a couple of hours with my nose pressed against the window, I began to experience the feeling of déjà vu. Then things began to look more and more familiar, and I knew that I had been on this little road before. When we pulled into the courtyard, I saw my old cat friends, Moustache and Pistache. Yes, we were back. This was our first French home, I'm sure. I jumped out of the car and ran around the houses to the giant back yard with the big swimming pool. I went for a run through the trees. I made figure eights and loop de loops. On my favorite place in the grass I rolled on my back and kicked my feet in the air. I was home! Off to the kitchen, where's my food bowl? Up the stairs to my old room. Wow, I remember, this was a great place. Are we going to stay here again?

The next day we jumped back in the car for a drive into town. We stopped at our old boat yard and saw all of the guys who remodeled our boat. I ran up to each one and said hello. They remembered me. I got lots of smiles and pats.

On a walk through town, I knew right where to go. It was déjà vu all over again. I headed, tout de suite, for France Décor, our old hardware store. Nellie is that you? Mark, are you here? Yes! I squeezed in with them behind the front counter. I know where they keep the cookies. The best dog cookies in all of France! An unlimited supply! Nellie never stops with one or two cookies. She sometimes gave me five or six. What a gold mine! I never met such generous cookie givers. How nice of my family to drive all the way back here to St. Jean de Losne so that I could have more of these delicious cookies. My folks are the greatest.

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