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Our Barge




Home Port:  Port de l’Arsenal, Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France







BR 37073 B




ENI (European Number of Identification)






European Certificat Communautaire number


CA 773


Eclaircie is a Katwijker, built in 1902 at the Vrijenban shipyard in Delft (NL); Flag: Belgium, BR 37073B; Hull: steel; Super Structure: steel; Length: 22.40m; Beam: 4.79m; Draft: 1.04m; Air Draft: 3.17m; Converted to a pleasure barge in 1981, with the kitchen and indoor dining area in the wheelhouse with the terrace dining area aft. Below, starting from the bow are the master bedroom with ensuite bath, guest room, bathroom and salon. Colors: super structure, ivory; hull and super structure trim, Sequoia forest green; hull stripe, California poppy; hull and other small trim, black or ivory.

Engine: DAF 575, turbo charged 135 hp; Fuel tanks: 2300 liters diesel white (cruising), 3600 liters diesel red (domestic) Water: 2500 liters; Generator: JF Marine Power 15 kVa Mitsubishi, keel water cooled (2001); Cupa 1800 rpm bowthruster (2001): Kabola B-17 heating system (2001): 2 24/2000-60 Mastervolt Mass Combi's in parallel operation (2006);


Mastervolt Masterlink MICC mass inverter charger control (2005); Mastervolt Masterlink ACM-1 digital power analyzer (2005). Batteries; engine, 2 Pronex 185 amp (2005); domestic, 6 Mastervolt gel 200 amp (2005). bowthruster, 2 Pronex 185 amp (2006).


Our Barge History

A Katwijker is a type of barge that belongs to the catagory of Beurtschips. A Beurtschip had regularly scheduled service between towns, and they carried freight or passengers. The Beurtschips differed from each other, the differences related to the region where they worked, but they also had similar characteristics. They all had a deckline that is slightly curved, a sharp bow, a counter stern that is slightly curved inwards, broad sidedecks and round iron hatchcovers.

Before 1900, they used to sail or were pulled through the canals by horses, family or crew. When motors were introduced to barges after 1900, the Beurtschips were called Beurtmotors. 

One type of ship in the Beurtmotor catagory is the Katwijker, named for the small fishing village at the sea near the The Hague, where it transported goods between towns. The original Katwijer was a low flat motorship because it did its transport service in a region where the bridges are very low, so the original helm was horizontel, not vertical, allowing for a low air draft. A Luxemotor is also a Beurtmotor, but a Katwijker is not a Luxemotor as there is no living area behind the wheelhouse in the back of the ship.

Our Barge Name

Eclaircie - noun, feminine - 1. In weather - when the sun breaks through the clouds after a storm; a sunny spell during the day.  2. In life -A bright interval; a sunny spell in life.

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