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January 2000

Whoa! What an E ticket ride that was.

One day our family and friends came over to our house. They helped my folks load up a couple of cars with our suitcases, and we all went to a place I have never been before. It turned out to be an airport. I've heard about airports and planes through the Doggie Network, and from my brothers and sisters who are show dogs, but I never imagined it would be so big and so busy, Wow! I was nervous, and when my folks asked me to get in my cage, I ran away. Everyone help to catch me and they finally coaxed me in there and shut the door. Soon I was on the plane.

Once I figured out what was happening, I made close friends with one of the flight officers. She checked in on me every 30 minutes. She was real nice. I lost track of time, and I think I fell asleep. Soon I was awakened by a loud noise and everything around me started vibrating. Then there was a bump that gave me a bounce. The next thing I knew, new friends were giving me a lift onto a little cart, and soon I heard the comforting voices of my folks. We all waited in line for awhile before a nice young woman in a uniform gave me a pat on my head and said, "Welcome to France, you beautiful guy." I was weak in the knees, and feeling faint, I gave her a kiss.

The next few days I spent a lot of time in the back of a car. Someone I didn't know was driving us around. We drove and drove and drove. Everyone would hop out, go look at something called a boat, and then rejoin me in the car talking away about what they had just seen. I didn't understand. It was all so fast. When I was allowed to hop out, I found all kinds of new smells,where am I?

Now we're all back to the farmhouse where we started, and I am beginning to feel at home. I know something is up, and though I'm not sure what, I have been taking swimming lessons, as I keep on seeing water everywhere we go.

Boy, it's cold here. It's near freezing every day. What's this white stuff covering the grass along my morning walking path? I have never seen that before. Some passing dogs have little wooden kegs around their necks. What's that for? When will it warm up? I come from California, I'm used to warm, sunny days, please!!

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