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2011 Festival de l'Oh!

We have just returned to Paris after three very pleasant weeks on the Marne River. We spent some time in Meaux enjoying the easy pace and peace of a town that is much smaller than Paris, and then moved further out into the countryside to Poincy, where our mooring on the river was so calm that the only sounds we heard were birds singing and fish jumping. We read, rode our bikes, relaxed and in between the rain, we repainted everything except the hull. It was a lovely vacation, and for the last week we stayed in the very charming port at Neuilly-sur-Marne. Not only is our favorite guinguette, Chez Fifi, just steps from the port, but we were lucky enough to be there last weekend for their Festival de l'Oh! It rained and stormed for a good portion of the day, but that didn't keep people from having fun, and we loved watching people bouncing around on the water in plastic bubbles.

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